Wine of the Week – Peay Vineyard's 2006 Syrah "La Bruma"

2006labruma1Today’s featured wine is named La Bruma (The Fog) after the frequent morning mists that cover the Pacific Coast where the Peay’s vines call home.

The winemaker – Vanessa Wong – says this wine has less pepper than the 2005, which I find surprising, since the pepper notes are what registered most in my taste memory.  They remind me of the peppery Syrah-based wines of Provence, only without the rough-hewn nature of those delicious but brawny wines. The wine is delightful, and will really kick butt if left in a dark, cool place for another half decade or so, if you have such a place and the will power to use it.

Look for floral notes sitting atop pie spices and warm, dusty blackberries. A bit of Beef Jerky and smoked ham (or is it Asian pork ribs?) on the palate, and a dark fruit and peppery finish that lasts for several minutes. The scuttlebutt in the industry is that there is more Syrah available for sale than the market can bear, particularly if the wine is priced over $30.  If that’s true, it’s only becaue more of them don’t taste like this one.  This is a wine you’ll enjoy getting to know.

Try the La Bruma Syrah with this recipe for Lamb Meatballs.

475 cases produced.

Dave the Wine Merchant

P.S. I selected this wine for our Grand Cru members’ June shipment, and paired it with a recipe for Savory Lamb Meatballs.  For your very own copy, email me at

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