The Fine Art of Spitting

In this industry, one attends a lot of wine events. I used to be surprised by the relatively few attendees who spit their wine at these three-hour events. In seeing a high percentage of spitters at any wine event pretty well assures you’re at a trade tasting. Those in the trade not only spit, we take pride in it. Competitive pride…

Build Your Own Pinot – part 2 of 2

How would you go about making a world-class pinot noir?  This, of course, is a rhetorical question.  Creating a satisfying pinot requires years (lifetimes?) of experience in winemaking and viticulture.  The well-worn path to pinot failure is lined with the remains of those hoping to shorten the time-intensive process, then discovering their odds of success […]

"Questions answered. Answers questioned." All about Pinot (1 of 2)

“So why would somebody choose cane pruning, given all the labor involved?” I asked Webster. Perched on a hillside vineyard hundreds of feet above the valley floor, we were ignoring a view in favor of the task at hand. Stepping from vine to vine, we’d select the two best grapevine canes, trim off the rest, […]