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Movie_boardWe just returned from a family outing to see "Ratatouille", the new hit movie from Pixar.  It is rare for us to see a movie in a theater, let alone one that has only been out for two weeks.  During that period, this new paean to food has grossed nearly $50 million and is the nation’s #1 movie, at the time of this posting.  Not bad for a movie about a rat.

I jest, of course.  This movie is about food.  Good food.  Food as something about which one should think.  Sounds sort of like the Slow Food movement all over again.  But then, that’s not surprising.  The film takes place in the kitchen of a fine Parisien restaurant, and Pixar Animation Studios, the film’s producer, is located in the food-crazy San Francisco Bay area. 

Orbiting Pixar are some of the nation’s finest restaurants, not to mention movers and shakers of the gastronomic world (Alice Waters, both Kellers, Micheal Minna, and too many others to name).  And Pixar hired several renowned chefs to serve as food and kitchen advisors, and it shows in many of the scenes.  This is a movie that will be influencing our next generation, and how they eat.  Which made me wonder if it might not be the best food movie ever…

Then I began to think about all my favorite food and wine movies.  Which got me wondering… what is the best Food and Wine movie ever?  As with wine, I couldn’t choose just one!

Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from asking YOU to do so.  It takes just a few seconds, depending on how difficult the decision is.  First, double-click on your favorite, then you’ll see everyone else’s results.  One vote per visitor.  (If I haven’t listed your favorite, why not write it in on the comment box?)

(Click HERE if you can’t see this poll but would like to vote)

To satisfy any sudden urges to expand your DVD library, here are some handly links to retailers that sell such things.  Just be sure you have plenty of wine and snacks on hand:

Buy "Babette’s Feast" here     Buy "Big Night" Here     Buy "Eat Drink Man Woman" here    

Buy "Like Water for Chocolate" here     Buy "Mostly Marta" here      Buy "Sideways" here

OR, here’s a handy link to NetFlix, in case you want to alter your wish list!

Swclogogs3x3_2 Cheers, and thanks for voting!

Dave Chambers, Wine Merchant


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