Blogging Hospice du Rhone

Today and tomorrow we’ll be attending perhaps the greatest Rhone event in the industry – Hospice du Rhône.  Though the Rhône Rangers event has more opulence in the sense of raw quantity of wines to be tasted, this is the best Rhône event for a number of reasons:

  • Great education sessions by Rhône winemakers worthy of the term "legendary"
  • Inclusion of Rhône wines (and winemakers) from all over the globe
  • The fact that Rhône winemakers attend the event in numbers almost equal to the press and enthusiasts
  • These guys are fun!!  Never afraid to embarrass themselves for the good of the event, spoof videos, skits and auction leaders make this an event like no other.

This morning’s two sessions feature wines of Australia and Priorat, for example, before breaking for a catered lunch with wines donated by all producers present – it’s sort of a grab bag of wines – the red wines are placed randomly on the tables (and yes, there’s a mad scramble as people grab food and rush to find the table with the best wines!) and the whites and roses are placed in random ice tubs.  I can’t wait!

After lunch (always attended by the winemakers too!) there is an hour break while the winemakers set up their barrel samples and we all get a chance to taste the wines of their next release.  It’s tough work, tasting through all these wines to pick out the ones we like best, but it beats cubicle land!  You can see our picks in upcoming club shipments, always featuring wines from small producers unlikely to appear in stores near you.

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