If My Stock Picks Were As Good As My Wine Picks…

I just received a PR release about “The 101 Best Wineries in America” from The Daily Meal.  Of the nation’s 8,000+ U.S. wine producers, the top 101 were selected by surveys from American wine and food professionals (methodology details can be found below).  So I was pleased to see the list contained NINETEEN of the wineries I’ve introduced to […]

Guest Post – Review of “Small Vines, 2011 Pinot Noir, RRV” ($55)

A heady wine with savory aromatics of lavender, wild mushroom, cola and damp earth. Initially, this is a tightly wound Pinot that suggests it is still young, but with time, this is opening up to reveal what this wine maker was trying to produce. For me, it opens up with dense black cherries on the […]

Top Wines – Wine Club Members Speak Out

This week we had a good turn out for our SF tasting, though we missed some of our regular attendees.  None of those in attendance were from our Pinot Selections club, and as a result I think the appreciation of this noble grape may have slipped a bit from past tastings.  That said, the affordable […]

Community Wine Review – Regale Winery, 2008 Pinot Noir, O’Neel Vyrd, Russian River Valley

Now THIS is a Pinot Noir!  Kudos to this winemaker.  It is nice to know that one can still be surprised after having tried hundreds of different examples of this varietal.   This vintage is something truly extra special in the glass.   Straight out of the gate and a couple of brisk swirls in my Riedel […]

Top 100 wineries of 2011 – Nice Kudos!

I am pleased to be the curator of a small, rotating portfolio of boutique wine producers.  And I find the work satisfying with or without any outside source confirming the wisdom of my selections.  Though given my ‘druthers, confirmation is always nice. So I was pleased to see seven of my recently selected wineries were […]

O’Connor Vineyard, 2008 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

One of the best parts of my job is the joy that I help make possible when my carefully selected wines become the center-piece of a most enjoyable party.  But the sad thing is, I rarely know when such things occur, taking on faith that they do so.  Unless, of course an out-of-state wine club […]