California’s Foie Gras Ban, 6 Months Later

Tomorrow night, I’m attending a “Speakeasy” dinner, one held at an address known only to the lucky attendees.  It invitation came complete with secret password for entry.  But unlike a prohibition-era Speakeasy, this dinner doesn’t feature illicit alcohol.  It features Foie Gras, a gourmet food ingredient turned into contraband last summer. In July, it became illegal […]

Lila Farms Olive Harvest 2012

Our olive harvest took place this past weekend.  We can not be sufficiently profuse in our thanks to those who trekked the 2.5 hours to our humble farm, and helped harvest 600 pounds of olives – enough for up to 10 gallons or 38 Liters of oil.  Work began a week earlier… no scratch that, […]

People’s Choice 2013 : Wine Member Favorites

The last guest is gone, the dishes are done, the aspirins are swallowed and the leftover wines re-corked.  Now it’s time to tally the winners… As you know, I spend my days selecting wines for my curated portfolio, selections then shared with wine club members who want to “Discover their next favorite” – adventurous wine lovers interested […]

Recipe : Roasted Pork Belly on Kale Salad

This recipe is a bit time consuming but well worth it! I first tasted this dish at the Anderson Valley Alsace festival (now known as “White Wine Weekend”). It was prepared by Beau MacMillan, the Executive Chef at Arizona’s Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa.  I’ve adjusted some of the ingredients and procedures to make the recipe […]

Memory Lane and the Oakville Grocery

You may have seen the news that the historic Oakville Grocery building, newly renovated, will be re-opening tomorrow.  I couldn’t help but smile at the news, as it brought back memories of my entry into the wine business. Just across the street from the store, just about where the photo at left was taken, you’ll […]

Wine Club Tasting Panel – Results for 2012 Selections

Though I enjoy the task of selecting wines for our wine club members and online customers, it’s always nice to get their direct feedback.  So on Tuesday night of this past week I hosted 20 of them to participate in this year’s tasting panel.  They dutifully sniffed and sipped more than 30 wines – wines […]

10 Activities for A Perfect Fall

The Fall season – some dread it, others love its slow transition from summer to winter.  However you feel, here are ten seasonal activities that assure you’ll enjoy the weeks ahead. Take a Fall Color Tour – Colorful eye-candy – what better reason to love Fall?  If you’re from the Northeast or Midwest, this is a […]

Any of these on YOUR wine list?

Thought you might like to know about this, a video taken at a Carmel CA Safeway, showing dozens of wines being sold at 30% off.  For my friends who are wine lovers, I recommend gobbling these up, as this price is lower than I often pay for great wine! For those in the business, I […]

Video: Barrel Making for Jordan Winery

Here’s a great video that provides an insider’s view into how wine barrels are selected, bought and crafted.  Narrated by Jordan Winery’s Cellarmaster, Patrick Fallon (yes, I did notice he looks as if he could be my brother, but there is no family connection I know of!), this is five minutes well spent… Cheers! Dave […]

Gratallops – The Heart of the Priorat Wine Region

I highly recommend that any serious wine lover visit Priorat –  the wine region just 100 miles outside Barcelona. Not only is Barcelona one of Europe’s great cities (Super-Wife says it’s her favorite, while Cole and I say Paris wins by a nose), but you hop in a car at the Barcelona airport and you’re […]