What a charming way to spend 82 minutes.  Read the rest of my review if you like, but I won’t be offended were you to opt instead for a quick download, a bottle of your favorite bubbly, your favorite movie companion and a quick call to your boss apologizing for some sudden 24-hour  malady. Download this movie from […]

The “New” Ice Bucket Challenge?

I’ve watched with great interest the viral success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Congrats to ALS for this most deserved windfall. And now, I wonder “what’s next”?  Every non-profit in the country is studying this case to find ways to replicate it.  Well, I think can speak for all the Managers at all the […]

New Foodie Movie: The Hundred-Foot Journey

From the director of ‘Chocolat’, produced by Spielberg and Oprah, and acted by Helen Mirren (with a French accent, no less!), this new movie promises to provide rather predictable plot lines and to be a bit over-produced (it’s from Dreamworks).  But food becomes the lead character and ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey” deserves viewing by any food enthusiast. The contemporary plot involves an upstart […]

Point : Counterpoint. Wine tasting – Junk Science or High Art?

Two interesting, and contrasting, news items are buzzing about the wino-sphere this week.   The first article bore the inflammatory title of “Wine Tasting : It’s Junk Science“.  The author reports on findings that wine judges (and those setting the scores that, for three decades, have famously determined what wine is good, which wine is […]

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!“   That famous line from ‘A Christmas Story’ (one of our family’s favorite holiday movies!) haunted young Ralphie at every turn as he plotted and connived to get a Red Ryder BB Gun under his Christmas tree. Well, far more eyes (~600 per year!) are lost to this most […]