New York Bans Trans Fats??

Fatty foods are no longer welcome in the Big Apple (suggested slogan – “Watching your waistline so you don’t have to”). The city’s new ban on trans fats has raised more ire than a scorned feminist, which pales, apparently, relative to a scorned New York City Hot Dog vendor.
NYC lawmakers must have missed the good news on Resveratrol, which was found to offset the affects of fat in mice. Had they but known, they might have simply mandated a daily dose of these red wines…

What is that… that smell???

Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes in a city bus stop would never describe its scent as “pleasant” or “appetizing”. More likely they would describe the personal hygiene limitations of the nighttime bus stop resident. Those without access to showers. Or bathrooms. But this week the Milk Board combined their famous “Got Milk” campaign with scent strips to make selected bus stops smell like, get this, freshly baked CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!

What price, flavor?

As I was reverently examining the bottle, the shopper next to me said “I’ve tried expensive wines before and they’re just not worth it. I drink perfectly good wine everyday and never pay more than $10 a bottle!”
Which isn’t something you say too this wine merchant without making me wonder “how much of the population feels that way?” There is no way of knowing, of course, but all the way home I kept thinking “Man, I hope it’s a diminishing percentage…”

Interview with Chef and Author Lynn Nicholson

Not until now has there been a useful guide for integrating wine as part of a healthy weight management plan. The book “The Wine Lover’s Healthy Weight Loss Plan”, co-authored by Cardiologist Tedd Goldfinger and Chef Lynn Nicholson, is such a guide. I had the privilege of interviewing Lynn for our blog readers. Here’s what she had to say

"Barefoot in the Air", or "Rule-Breaker Wine & Food Pairings"

The old rule “White with fish, red with meat” is grounded in sound logic. It’s just that, like so many dumbed-down life lessons, no one-liner is a perfect guide in all situations. This posting describes the five elements you can use to create successful “rule breaker” pairings.

OK, here's what ya gotta do…

Dave recouts the experience of making reservations at the French Laundry one of the nation’s leading restaurants… Eventually, you will hear the dulcet tone of a live Reservationist – your pay-off for 20-30 minutes of effort. But don’t get too excited, after working feverishly for 20 minutes to fill the restaurant’s short reservation list, Reservationists spend the rest of their day apologizing to the slow and unlucky who must settle for the wait list.

"Questions answered. Answers questioned." All about Pinot (1 of 2)

“So why would somebody choose cane pruning, given all the labor involved?” I asked Webster. Perched on a hillside vineyard hundreds of feet above the valley floor, we were ignoring a view in favor of the task at hand. Stepping from vine to vine, we’d select the two best grapevine canes, trim off the rest, […]