New Foodie Movie: The Hundred-Foot Journey

From the director of ‘Chocolat’, produced by Spielberg and Oprah, and acted by Helen Mirren (with a French accent, no less!), this new movie promises to provide rather predictable plot lines and to be a bit over-produced (it’s from Dreamworks).  But food becomes the lead character and ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey” deserves viewing by any food enthusiast. The contemporary plot involves an upstart […]

What Wine Pairs With Spring Salads?

Spring arrived early this year.  And though I am covering my optimism with some naked puts on late frosts, we are enjoying our warm spring weather as we live in denial of California’s ongoing drought. One of the early indicators of Spring at our olive ‘farm’ in Boonville is the arrival of Miner’s Lettuce (AKA […]

A Fun Winery Tour – For our Northeastern Members!

In this morning’s wine news comes a story of interest to our NYC area wine club members – a winery tour that includes food, two nights at the Caldwell House B&B and a driver, all for less than $900 per couple… SALISBURY MILLS, NY  _ The Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast is offering guests the […]

What Wine Pairs With Donuts?

The trend spotters have all reported in and it’s safe to say the cupcake fad is dead.  In its stead, I bring you (drum roll) the donut fad! (Or the doughnut fad, depending on your spell checker) “Yeah, so?” you ask, “what’s that have to do with a wine blog?!” Glad you asked.  Everyone knows donuts […]

Combining Food and Wine: Basic Guidelines

By Lily McCann Food and drink articles and programs often stress the importance of combining food with the right type of wines. There can sometimes be an element of snobbery attached to this subject.  At the end of the day, enjoying food and wine is a subjective experience and people can try and enjoy any combination that […]

Those Wacky Spaniards: “Wine&Sex” party in the Canary Islands

Wine Myths: It’s stuffy.   It’s for old people.   It’s a status symbol.   Young people prefer beer or cocktails.   Myth-buster Felipe Monje ((5th generation winery owner in Spain’s Canary Islands) is putting such myths to rest with his upcoming Wine&Sex party.  So far, sixty of his club members have reserved their space […]

A “Special Club” just for you. Initiation fee: $50, a curious mind and a great palate.

Technically, the Special Club consists of 26 champagne producers (see image at left – not sure which one’s missing, but it made for a symmetrical photo)   But I expand that definition to include the lucky few, such as you, who consider themselves devotees of fine champagne.  You must be, or you wouldn’t be reading […]

What Wine Goes With Chicken Fingers?

Yeah, they look delicious.  That’s because they are.  And even more so when paired with the right wine.   If you’re a foodie and have yet to discover the brilliant blog – Once Upon a Chef – by former chef Jennifer Segal, I highly recommend it.  This talented chef gave up her toque to raise […]

Pepsi seeks what wine always had – appetizing aroma!

When I was consulting with they hyper-creative forces behind Bonny Doon Vineyard (#1 rule – “don’t be boring“) back in 2002, they had decided to switch from cork closures to screw-caps across their entire portfolio.  In doing so, they thought through how the screwcap would impact each of the senses during the experience of opening […]

Chardonnay-Friendly Recipes

Chardonnay, the top-selling wine in America by FAR, has fallen out of favor with a certain group of avid wine drinkers.  That certain group would be those in the industry – Sommeliers, retailers, distributors, and many producers. Of course, none of them will admit it, as Chardonnay pays many of their salaries.  But when it […]