Experience the “Insider’s” Napa

Would life be better if you owned a winery?  Would you rock the wine world?  Be the envy of everyone you meet?  Well here’s the next best thing. Smack dab in the midst of Napa’s 2013 grape harvest, here’s a long weekend you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  Channel your inner Lucy and go […]

Is A Single Point From R. Parker Jr. worth $1,329/case?

Perhaps the rumors of his decline have been greatly exaggerated.  Though he’s showing signs of yearning for retirement (ex. he’s relinquished reviews of all CA wines to Antonio Galloni), he’s still reviewing the wines of Bordeaux – his first love, and the wines that pushed him to prominence.   But is one point from Parker […]

DUI’s Begone!

Consider this.  The NTSB has recommended lowering the allowable Blood Alochol Content (BAC) for drivers.  Meaning, anyone driving after consuming even a modest amount of alcohol will be subject to ticketing, fines, and higher insurance rates.  Even the august attendees at my monthly tastings will likely be over the proposed legal limit.  Perhaps that’s not […]

Professional Chefs and Power Tools – A Delicious Combo!??

If you’re a wino/foodie, there are few things more urgent than watching how these creative Chicago chefs have adapted power tools to their food prep needs.  Click to start. Cheers! Dave “the Wine Merchant” Thanks to ever alert friend and customer, R. Hren

Point : Counterpoint. Wine tasting – Junk Science or High Art?

Two interesting, and contrasting, news items are buzzing about the wino-sphere this week.   The first article bore the inflammatory title of “Wine Tasting : It’s Junk Science“.  The author reports on findings that wine judges (and those setting the scores that, for three decades, have famously determined what wine is good, which wine is […]

Guest Post – Review of “Small Vines, 2011 Pinot Noir, RRV” ($55)

A heady wine with savory aromatics of lavender, wild mushroom, cola and damp earth. Initially, this is a tightly wound Pinot that suggests it is still young, but with time, this is opening up to reveal what this wine maker was trying to produce. For me, it opens up with dense black cherries on the […]

It’s called MERITAGE. It rhymes with HERITAGE. o

A pet peeve of many a wine aficionado is the frequent mispronunciation of the word “Meritage”.  This word appears on some of the best red blends you can find.  But it is a made-up word. The Meritage Association was formed in 1988 by a handful of progressive Napa vintners.  They’d grown frustrated with our domestic requirement that a wine […]

Wine Corks, Re-Purposed by Gardeners

  5 Easy DIY Garden Markers – The Frugal Female.  Wine lovers tend to be food lovers.  And food lovers tend to appreciate fresh, seasonal foods.  And when we can, we grow it ourselves.   But those little plastic garden markers that come with your seeds make your garden pretty ugly.  The Frugal Female (https://www.facebook.com/thefrugalfemale1) […]

50 Shades of Gris (Grey)

It used to be so clear.  Things fell into simple categories.  Black or white.  Good or bad.  With us or against us.  Easy. Then some braniac introduced the grey area – neither white nor black, neither good nor bad.  Areas open to interpretation.  Conditional morality.  Circumstantial justifications.  Flawed heroes.   And then, just recently, a […]

Breathometer – Buy One Now!

I value all of the buyers in my online wine shop and want them to stay alive, out of jail, and free of DUI blemishes.  So if you’re one of my customers you simply have to buy one of these Breathometers – perhaps the best $50 you’ll ever spend.  Click here to buy.   What’s a […]