Sideways: Miles’ Pinot Speech and Quote

Maya: So why are you so into Pinots? They’re like a thing with you. Miles: “It’s a hard grape to grow, as you know. It’s thin-skinned, temperamental. It’s not a survivor like Cabernet that can grow anywhere and thrive even when neglected. Pinot needs constant care and attention, you know? And in fact it can […]

Sideways Wine Quote #1

Maya: ‘Seriously, the ’61 Cheval Blanc is peaking… it might be too late already. What are you waiting for?’ Miles: ‘I don’t know, a special occasion. With the right person.’ Maya: ‘The day you open a ’61 Cheval Blanc, that’s the special occasion.’ “Sideways” Screenplay, Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor See More Wine Quotes and […]