Toasts & Quotes: Multi-Cultural Drinking Toasts

Every Country has its own version of a short toast. Here are a few:

America: Cheers!
Austria: Prosit!
Brazil: Soede. Viva!
China: Ganbei (literally, “dry your cup”)
France: Sant! (Health)
Germany: Prost! (Cheers)
Hebrew: Le’chaim! (to Life)
Italian: Per cent ‘anni! (for 100 years) and Salute (Health)
Japan: Kanpei (Dry your cup)
Russian: Vashe zdorovie! (to health)
Spain: Salud! (health)
Wales: Iechyd da! (health)

~ Various, contributed by Tim Owens

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2 Replies to “Toasts & Quotes: Multi-Cultural Drinking Toasts”

  1. I’ve wondered about toasts in India, and among Hindus, and though some might say “Jiv!” That means “life.” I’d love more information on that.
    I know of Arabic speakers saying, “Inshallah” before taking tea, which I know means “God willing.” Obviously a toast to the surrender to Gods will we all aspire to.
    I’d love more info on these points.
    In the meantime, I raise my glass and say “Jiv,” and “Inshallah.”

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