Improve Any Red Wine in 20 Minutes! Achieving optimal serving temperature.

After a recent wine tasting I led at San Francisco State’s school of Hospitality Management, I met two film production students named Shao Wei and Hiroshi Adachi.  As you may know, I’ve been hankering to create educational wine videos for some time now, and the work of these two young students seemed a perfect fit.  Let me know what you think!

Here’s a short video that shows how to quickly increase the pleasure you get from any red wine simply by adjusting its serving temperature.  You see, most red wines are poured when they are too warm, and a few minutes in the refrigerator will bring your wine to its perfect temperature for optimal enjoyment. I know this sounds like heresy to red wine lovers, just relax and watch.

Let me know what you think!


6 Replies to “Improve Any Red Wine in 20 Minutes! Achieving optimal serving temperature.”

  1. So glad all that advanced math in high school has FINALLY paid off!! Seriously, this is good stuff…thanks, Dave!

    You might just want to check the opening graphic…temperature seems to have a “t” in the wrong place.

    Which only explains why I was an English major and NOT a math major.


    1. I WISH I had the discipline for advanced math back then! It wasn’t until after a remedial course that I got serious (crush on the teach didn’t hurt). Thanks Linda, I sent your comments on to the production crew – something I’d missed completely!


  2. Great advice, Dave!
    I really agree on the importance of serving temperature. For those who need more immediate gratification, plunging it into ice + water (NOT just ice alone) really speeds this process up. One doesn’t even need a bucket for this, a kitchen sink with a drain stopper, or the arms of an ex-wife, will do just fine.

    1. Ahh yes, the poor ex wife, relegated to ice duties that may actually warm her heart.

      Hope you’re well, and thanks for the ice tip. I’d like to do another experiment using thermometers, timers, and a water/ice bath, just to see how the metric changes. My guess is that users of this method will need to stay pretty close at hand, given the speed with which the bath can take a wine zooming past the desired temp. But then, there are worse things!

      Thanks Mr. B!

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