Pepsi seeks what wine always had – appetizing aroma!

image - man smelling wineWhen I was consulting with they hyper-creative forces behind Bonny Doon Vineyard (#1 rule – “don’t be boring“) back in 2002, they had decided to switch from cork closures to screw-caps across their entire portfolio.  In doing so, they thought through how the screwcap would impact each of the senses during the experience of opening a bottle of wine.  They decided the benefits of well-preserved wine would offset any change to the sensual aspect of opening a bottle but for one – the sound of the cork being pulled.  To  any wine fan, that distinctive “pop” is like Pavlov’s bell – the call to dinner.  Or to “fun”, in this case.

They considered inserting a tiny sound device into the screwcap.  The device had one job – to replicate the sound of the cork’s pop.  Just once.  That was it’s sole purpose in life.  Sadly, it was not cost-effective.

Pepsi aroma capsulesBut now the beverage giant, Pepsi, is considering a similar device, according to CassandraDaily.  It too overcomes it’s products’ shortcomings, but in their case it’s not a sound that’s missing.  It’s scent. Sodas simply don’t have a naturally appealing aroma.

So after billions of plastic twist-off caps yielding nothing but the smell of plastic, Pepsi has filed a patent for an aroma delivery system that embeds aroma capsules in the seal of every bottle.  

I wonder if this will lead to the ability to craft personalized scents for your Pepsi?  Wake me up when they create one that smells like Pinot Noir.  

Wait, Pinot-scented Pepsi sounds disgusting.  Never mind.

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