Review of Dave the Wine Merchant’s “Pinot Selections” Wine Club

Some time ago, I came across a new site dedicated to reviewing wine clubs.  But all of the reviews I saw were for huge clubs, the big industrial sort that buy unknown wine for $50 a case and sell it for $12 a bottle (a very enjoyable 188% markup, if you’re counting).  So I wanted to see if they’d review a small personal club like we run.  They were more than happy to, as long as we sent them the samples.  Whatch what they had to say:


For more information on all of our wine clubs, click here.

 Cheers!  Dave the Wine Merchant


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I've followed my passion for wine to the four corners of the world in endless pursuit of more wine knowledge and experiences. There are few things in life more enjoyable than experiencing a new culture through its wine and food. Leveraging these experiences, I curate a small portfolio of constantly evolving producers. Like an art gallery's collection, my portfolio consists of hand-crafted wines from artisanal producers that I have personally selected. My goal is to discover boutique wines that taste like they cost more than they do. Come discover your next favorite!

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  1. Hey Dave –

    Thanks for the great wine! Eric and I really enjoyed it.

    …so much so, that I’m about to publish a blog post about it, in addition to our video!

    Have a great day!


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