Review of Dave the Wine Merchant’s “Pinot Selections” Wine Club

Some time ago, I came across a new site dedicated to reviewing wine clubs.  But all of the reviews I saw were for huge clubs, the big industrial sort that buy unknown wine for $50 a case and sell it for $12 a bottle (a very enjoyable 188% markup, if you’re counting).  So I wanted to see if they’d review a small personal club like we run.  They were more than happy to, as long as we sent them the samples.  Whatch what they had to say:


For more information on all of our wine clubs, click here.

 Cheers!  Dave the Wine Merchant


5 Replies to “Review of Dave the Wine Merchant’s “Pinot Selections” Wine Club”

  1. Hey Dave –

    Thanks for the great wine! Eric and I really enjoyed it.

    …so much so, that I’m about to publish a blog post about it, in addition to our video!

    Have a great day!


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