Slow Food Crumbling?

Carlopetrini_4Is Italian Rabble Rouser/Activist/Curmudgeon Carlo Petrini shooting his movement in the foot?  Or is he cagely using PR to nudge it beyond its small market of socially conscious consumers?

Scheduled to sign copies of his latest book (Slow Food NationeCookBooks has it for sale at $15.29), at San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza prior to the book’s release, it turns out Petrini printed some not-so-nice things about the Ferry Plaze, its market, and its shoppers.  By doing so, he denigrates the success of the movement he helped create. 

The Farmer’s Market apparently (this is unclear) canceled his book signing in favor of a meeting with some of those he offended.  It did not go well, according to today’s S.F. Chronicle in "The Inside Scoop".  The article describes how Petrini accuses the Farmers at this particular market of charging astronomical prices (well, I have to admit, they ARE higher than most, but the location is more ideal than most).  And he turns his sword-pen on the customers as ell, labeling them "…very wealthy… who show off their vegetables like jewels, status symbols"

I suspect he’s disappointed to see his idealistic movement become such a popular activity, a place to be seen, for the socially unconscious.  But can he really be so naive about how demand for sustainable foods will grow?  Does he not see success like the F.P. Farmer’s Market as a stepping stone toward his goal?

I hope he bridges the Chasm created with others in the cause.  This is not the time for factions.  Preserving a healthy food supply for future generations is too important to be derailed by human egos.

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