What is your tax type?

Adtaxtime According to a very recent and brilliant social theory *, the U.S. population is made up of just three types of people:

Tax Creditors – Those who have paid too much, and look forward to a refund upon filing their return.  Not surprisingly, these people tend to file early.  They also tend to purchase wine with which to celebrate their windfall.

Tax Debtors – These are citizens who have chosen to use their funds themselves instead of letting the fine folks at the National Treasury hold onto them for a few months.  For these folks, it is time to pay the piper.  This painful reality tends to make them seek the comfort of friends and family with which to share a good bottle of wine.

Tax Delayers – A temporary state often visited by Tax Debtors, who stay for as long as possible.  This temporary state of reprieve is best enjoyed with a good selection of wine.  I have just the thing…

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