Scientific Breakthrough! Turning A Mouse Into A Chicken

Ratatouille_chard_2July 30th, 2007.  A day that will live in infamy.  The day the mice over at Disney traded their ears for rooster’s combs.

I knew it was too good to be true.  Two weeks ago I wrote about the hit movie Ratatouille, and the wine it launched ("Waiter, What’s the Rat Doing in my Chardonnay?!").  I hoped we were witnessing the dawning of a new age for wine and food in America.  A way of thinking about wine as a food product, a product to be enjoyed with the family dinner, something that pulls families together in a way that is almost lost in today’s world of electronic connectivity.  The way wine has been enjoyed for centuries in Europe.

For two weeks I basked in the belief that this tide had turned in America.  Fellow foodies and wine lovers called to speculate whether America was finally awakening to the call of good food, good wine, good conversation.  We actually thought America was making progress against the forces of obesity, fast food, and microwaves.

And the thing is, I think we are.  At least as a society – to wit:

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Waiter! What's this rat doing in my Chardonnay?!

Ratshoppers4_2In late-breaking news from "Deadline Hollywood", I paste this excerpt:

Meanwhile, Disney says Ratatouille’s Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday opening week grosses proved to be the biggest ever for a Pixar film… A lot has been made… about the difficulty of merchandising a kitchen rat. But I’m told the Soda Fountain Studio Store next door to Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater has been non stop packed with Ratatouille shoppers. (See photo). I’m told that the store cannot keep in stock plush toy rats and radio controlled rats. Also big sellers are chef hats and kids cookbooks. Other Ratatouille items for sale at either Disney Stores, mass retailers and specialty retailers include: Ratatouille Chardonnay (Costco), Ratatouille cheese (Costco), Ratatouille back-to-school items, Ratatouille kids cookware toys, Ratatouille kids home decor and cooking classes (Sur La Table).

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