Great news for fat mice!!

While driving the wine road this week I got a call from an astute customer telling me he wanted to order 100 bottles a day in order to be healthier, "just like those fat mice."   Huh?  As I was about to say "What the…?!", he began to explain the new study burning up the wine-blogosphere.

Fat_mice_2 It seems some scientists thought it a good use of grant money to study mice made obese by a high-fat diet (left).  In the Associated Press article, one of the scientists referred to this diet as "A McDonald’s diet", but out of respect for the hard working dietitians at Big Mac HQ, I’m not going to make such a reference.

But I digress.  Getting back on track – the researchers found a way to allow these porcine mice to enjoy the same health benefits of their much thinner brethren (and, one supposes, sistren).  The good news is that they did not improve their health through hours on the treadmill, but rather by simply feeding them huge doses of Resveratrol, a red wine extract.  Just think of it – no dieting necessary!  The downside?…

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