Wine Club Selection: Speedy Creek, 2009 Zinfandel, Knights Valley

 Speedy Creek Zin bottleCrafted to please lovers of the big California style – big, rich and with 15.4% alcohol!  $29

Speedy Creek Winery is in Knight’s Valley – Sonoma’s Northeastern section where the county abuts Napa.  The vineyard and winery name was inspired by the sound of the rushing creeks you’d hear if standing in the vineyards during the wet season. But because CA gets nearly all of its rainfall in winter, and the creeks are eerily silent during the dry season, it could just as easily have been named “Quiet Creek” if inspiration had struck during the dry summer months!  Surely it was these quiet summer months that inspired the name of the famed “Dry Creek” region due West of Knights Valley?

Selected by Dave the Wine MerchantKnights Valley is well protected from the Coast’s cooling influences, and is one of the hottest zones in Sonoma County.  This high heat begets uber-ripe grapes which beget big wines. Drink it in moderation, or you’ll be getting a big headache!

With this vintage, Speedy Creek brought in their Zinfandel grapes at the tale end of the harvest season, allowing for maximum ripeness. Vinification was followed by aging for 20 months (with 25% new French oak barrels).

Tasting Notes: 
This Zinfandel is crafted to please lovers of the big California style – with a big, rich body that is balanced by a whopping 15.4% alcohol.  Big dark aromas of just-baked bramble fruit pie, a bit of smoke (perhaps a pie cooked in a Dutch oven over a camp fire?) and sweet spices. It closes with a long, layered finish.

Only 390 cases produced.  Limited availability, $29/bottle.


Dave “The Wine Merchant” Chambers