The “New” Ice Bucket Challenge?

I’ve watched with great interest the viral success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Congrats to ALS for this most deserved windfall.

And now, I wonder “what’s next”?  Every non-profit in the country is studying this case to find ways to replicate it.  Well, I think can speak for all the Managers at all the Tasting Rooms for every winery when I say “I hope  the next big trend is NOT the Spit Bucket Challenge”.  So messy.

Is the "Spit Bucket Challenge" Next?

P.S.  October of 2014 marks the 10-yr anniversary of this movie.  You’d be amazed how many of my Millenial customers have no idea what it was.  It’s worth the $4-$5 you’ll spend on the DVD!

Rating Il Podore's 2002 Teroldego

Teroldego200_2This wine was selected for our June, 2007 shipment, sent to subscribers of our wine sampling program known as "Jack’s Selections".  Each member or previous buyer has been invited to share their opinions for the benefit of other members, prospective members and prospective buyers. 

(A Note from Dave Chambers)  My apologies!  My first attempt at inserting these polls directly into this blog posting were a bust!  But I’ve worked with the folks at and come up with a way for past buyers to rate the wines (the default tab) and for non-buyers to see the results without rating it (Click the "Poll Results" tab).  PASSWORD = SIDEWAYS


Swclogogs3x3_10_2 Cheers!
Dave Chambers, Wine Merchant