New Discovery – 2011 “Trim” Cabernet from Ray Signorello

A “Crowd Pleasing” Selection

Image - Trim Cabernet from Ray Signorello

76% Cabernet, 24% Merlot. Its deliciousness defies its price. Not surprising, once you learn it’s from a Napa producer better known for his $150 Cabernet. Close your eyes and be transported to the Right Bank of Bordeaux.

Tips for Enjoyment

  1. Pour this wine into a glass.
  2. Do that swirl, sniff, sip thing.
  3. Do it again.  Sip, sip, hooray.
  4. Count how many times you say “I can’t believe this is only $15.”

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Why I Selected This Wine

I taste a lot of wines.  Every wine merchant does.  Easily thousands a year.  Instead of writing objective comments about each, the good and the bad, I put my precious cash on the barrel head, and invest in the few that represent an enjoyable discovery.  This wine stood out from the crowd, and that’s important to me in making a selection.  It’s not for everybody – some will find it too green and vegetal, others too “New World” – traits rarely found in the same bottle without sugary manipulations or creative blending.  But this wine has a surprising amount of soul, and that’s something one rarely sees at this price point.