CorkSharing – Wine App Review

Having learned my lesson the hard way (it’s a long sob story not worth any more pixels), I appreciate good wine apps.  I recently came across Bryan Petro’s “CorkSharing” (wine tourism app for iPhone and Android) and thought it worth sharing. CorkSharing was designed for those who like to plan their route in advance and who enjoy a little […]

The ‘Mini-Mouth’ Robotic Wine Taster. Real News or Satire??

I think the folks over at The Onion got hold of today’s wine business news feed.   Those sneaky little devils.  The article that raised both my eyebrows was today’s report that nano-scientists have introduced a robotic wine taster of sorts.  We all know someone who works in nano-technology, right?  You probably go out of your way to invite […]

DUI’s Begone!

Consider this.  The NTSB has recommended lowering the allowable Blood Alochol Content (BAC) for drivers.  Meaning, anyone driving after consuming even a modest amount of alcohol will be subject to ticketing, fines, and higher insurance rates.  Even the august attendees at my monthly tastings will likely be over the proposed legal limit.  Perhaps that’s not […]

A Helpful Wine Tasting Reminder – Swirl & Sniff

My brother recently echoed a common frustration among wine drinkers – “I can’t recall aromas or flavors well enough to be a good wine taster”.  Well, taste and scent memory arecritical skills if you want to be successful with food or wine.  How else can one hope to think up the perfect pairing for a […]