The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent…

As the old saying goes, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco".  Largely (and falsely, apparently) attributed to Mark Twain, this famous quote reflects a town better known for fog than balmy climes, for lulling tourists into daytime complacency only to make a fortune on sweatshirt sales beginning around 3:00 P.M. 

Weather_map_2But today the sweatshirt vendors will go hungry.  Today it’s 89(!) in San Francisco (with copious amounts of pasty white skin on display) and 90+ at our wine bar in Solvang.  You’d think it was July!

And when the weather forces my thoughts toward the hammock instead of the keyboard, it’s time to turn to a few crisp well-chilled wines for a bit of warm-weather refreshment.  Here are three of my favorites that I’ve put on sale until supplies run out.  Clean, crisp refreshment at an affordable price!

Chenin_blanc_smallDan Gehrs Wines, 2005 Chenin Blanc.  Was $13, now just $9.99! 
There is beautiful fragrance to this wine, but don’t let its floral aromas fool you, this wine is bone dry, inspired in style by the dry, crisp and intriguing Loire approach to this grape. Crisp acidity brings a mouth-watering freshness which stands up to goat cheese, salad dressings, fish with lemon and most other summer fare.

Riesling Roessler Cellars, 2004 Riesling, Wiley Vineyards.  Was $18, now on sale for $15.99
Rieslings have long been Pooh-poohed by Americans.  Despite our sweet palates (ever notice how much sugar goes into a Big Mac?!), we tend to eschew sweet wines.  But Rieslings need to be different.  Whether completely dry (as is this one) or partially sweet, the perception of fruit, of sweetness, is necessary to offset the natural bitterness of this grape, setting up a yin-and-yang tension that makes this wine so compelling, and so highly prized among serious collectors.  A tremendous value from a solid producer.

Radog_rose_pinot_2 Tudor Wines, Radog Rose, Central Coast.  Was $16, on sale now for $12.99
Its subtle nose delivers the telltale red fruit notes of a good Rosé.  Classic Rhône-style flavors are an honest portrayal of its roots – Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre.  Dry, light and refreshing! 

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Today’s Quote:
"What dreadful hot weather we have!  It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."  ~Jane Austen

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I've followed my passion for wine to the four corners of the world in endless pursuit of more wine knowledge and experiences. There are few things in life more enjoyable than experiencing a new culture through its wine and food. Leveraging these experiences, I curate a small portfolio of constantly evolving producers. Like an art gallery's collection, my portfolio consists of hand-crafted wines from artisanal producers that I have personally selected. My goal is to discover boutique wines that taste like they cost more than they do. Come discover your next favorite!

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