Those Wacky Spaniards: “Wine&Sex” party in the Canary Islands

wine&Sex Canary Islands

Wine Myths:

  • It’s stuffy.  
  • It’s for old people.  
  • It’s a status symbol.  
  • Young people prefer beer or cocktails.  

Myth-buster Felipe Monje ((5th generation winery owner in Spain’s Canary Islands) is putting such myths to rest with his upcoming Wine&Sex party.  So far, sixty of his club members have reserved their space for next week’s event, which involves all the usual visual and sensory stimulus you can imagine.  A most interesting use for a barrel room, I’d say.

I just hope he continues the event for the next 21 years.  That way next week’s freshly minted embryos can hold a reunion party at the winery, and celebrate their simultaneous coming-of-age birthdays.

Read W. Blake Gray’s full article here.  (Side note, Gray is an excellent wine writer whose considerable skills must yearn to stretch beyond the confines of wine’s boundaries.  This must have been a fun assignment for him!)

Oh, and don’t let me stop you from planning your own event, even if you don’t have your own barrel room, and even if the attendance list is limited to two.  Just tell me – what wines will you use from my carefully curated portfolio?

Recommended pairings for your own Wine and Sex party:

  1. I can’t think of a more effective social lubricant than a good bottle of bubbly
  2. But some swear by the aphrodisiac effects of dark chocolates paired with deep, dark reds such as Rhone Varietals or Cabernets
  3. And don’t neglect a little something sweet when planning an evening of amore.  Pair these dessert wines with cheeses, nuts or your favorite fruit desserts.

Cheers, and good luck!
Dave the Wine Merchant

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