Upside to the Downside – Wine Discounts!

depression_charts1The stock market may be killing your 401-K, and you maybe you’ll be working five years longer than you ever thought.  But today’s dismal market has an upside – there are a LOT of good wine bargains to be had! Both online and land-based wine merchants are slashing prices on wines that aren’t moving – opting for cash flow over near-term profitability.

And what wines aren’t moving today?  The higher priced wines, for the most part!  Keep an eye out for wines from Bordeaux, second-tier California cult wines, and other wines slightly out of favor at the moment (domestic Syrah for example, which managed to go the way of Merlot in rather short order!)

My advice?  Seek value in the higher price range.  This is perhaps (and hopefully!) a once in a lifetime chance to gobble up some great Bordeaux and Burgundy and second tier California cult wines at prices I hope we’ll never see again (not that I’m opposed to low prices on great wine, just not fond of the economic conditions that create them).

As for sale wines priced below $20, my advice is the same as always – there is a lot of bad wine that has found its way into this price category!  But there is also some very good wine, wine you’d love to drink on a daily basis.  To sort these gems from the sludge, I recommend avoiding discounted wine unless its offered by a merchant whose palate you trust.

wine-sale My Online Specials: Save 10$ – 33%
My business is not immune from the foibles of supply and demand.  I have wines taking up valuable storage space, and I’m now offering them at tremendous discount.  See the Online Specials section of my store for today’s latest bargains, and save 10% – 33% on slow-moving wines.  Take a look at these examples:

You’ll find many more great wines at discounted prices at my clearance sale.


Dave the Wine Merchant

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