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Though difficult for most of us to conceive, it is theoretically possible for minute electrons to be stacked one on top of another, over and over, until they equal the height of the tallest mountain.  If you can conceive of such a thing, you can envision the stack of electrons that make up my email inbox after being gone for four days at Hospice du Rhône.

Despite my best intentions to post Blogs continuously throughout the event, I quickly learned that the speed of the event vastly outpaces the speed of my journalism.  I apologize to subscribers who may have expected a full complement of Blogs in their Monday morning Feedblitz email feeds, which hardly had to break a sweat over the last few days.

Which brings me to this posting about lunch on Friday – tradtionally, this lunch features international rosé wines made exclusively from Rhône varietals.  It hardly seems woth mentioning here, given that these words are bound for the eyes of relatively sophisticated wine devotees, that these rosés are not your Father’s White Zinfandel.  White Zinfandel has residual sugar that oozes over the side of a wine glass, whereas it’s difficult to find a Rhône-style rosé with more than a trace of R.S, and many are virtually dry.

Still, I recall the cloying finish in my mouth after my wine tasting group (The Eno Files) chose rosés as our tasting theme.  Even if completely dry, tasting one after another after another evenutally leaves one’s tongue lingering with flavors of strawberries, watermelon and even bubblegum making objective evaluation more difficult with each passing taste.

Hospice du Rhone provides a great solution to this problem – don’t be so serious.

Their rosé lunch offers no respite from a daunting variety of unabashedly pink wines.  But serving them with food (great food, by the way – an impressive feat for Chef Laurent Grangien of Bistro Laurent) served alfresco on a hot day with some of the most enjoyable wine geeks (no, that is NOT a contradiction in terms!), these rosé wines happily filled their role as not-so-serious quaffs that enhance the food, the mood, and the day.

Not that we didn’t muster enough seriousness to take note of a few favorites.  Look for these soon in our webstore as summer days demand them.

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