What Does Irish Coffee Have To Do With Wine?

Today I’m tackling an age-old question that few wine bloggers have the guts to address: “What DOES Irish coffee have to do with wine?

The answer is, as far as I can tell,  “Absolutely nothing“.  Except, they both deliver a bit of a kick, and are immensely fun to drink.

But thanks to the miracle of social media, I connected virtually this morning with someone I worked with a decade ago, before my period of Great Enlightenment, when I spent long hours at the office carefully nurturing false hopes of great and sudden IPO riches.

During these dark ages, there were a few people whose talents and personalities separated them from the pack.   Such as the one who took trapeze lessons after the dot-com meltdown, one who now works at Yahoo, another who opened a restaurant specializing in the best cheese sandwiches you ever ate, several who run other successful businesses, and one – Dave Karraker – who is a stand-up comic (and celebrity toucher, but that’s a different story).  Dave was once a talking head for a local news channel on some un-named station in B.F. California.  Here he puts his on-camera experience to a much higher purpose as he spins the history of the Irish Coffee into an entertaining 5-minute segment.  And for the record, yes I’m jealous of his on-camera ease and stellar editing skills, which put my nascent efforts to shame!

Learn more about Dave’s exploits at his blog, here.

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