Wine & Baseball – Budding partnership taken to new level

Many decades ago, shortly after prohibition, beer marketers got the jump on their wine brethren, successfully making beer the beverage of baseball.  Producers of wine, being far flung and fragmented, never had the marketing dollars of their far more consolidated beer brethren, whose dominant players succeeded for years in squashing smaller competitors.  Only recently has this begun to change.

And I still remember the derisive comments in the press (some of which you’ll still find today, in beer-centric cities) when California ball parks began selling wine.  These died down rather quickly once operators began to appreciate the extra revenue that wine sales was generating.  But wine and baseball have always had a flirtatious relationship, never the full-fledged love affair that beer has enjoyed.  But in light of this week’s article from the Onion Sports Network, that may all be about to change…

Click to read "Manager, Pitcher Go Through Entire Bottle Of Wine During Really Great Mound Visit"


Dave “the Wine Merchant” Chambers

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