World’s Best Restaurant, 2011 – Chef Redzepi’s “Noma”

best restaurant in the world noma in copenhagen

For the second year in a row, Copenhagen’s “Noma” restaurant has been named the best in the world by an Academy of 800 food critics, restaurant owners, chefs, and “gastronomes”.  As with the Oscars, all nominees are invited to attend.  So you can imagine the tension in a room where egos are as plentiful anywhere outside of Hollywood.

So I was pleased when Noma won last year, and the award was accepted by every employee of the restaurant.  Not just Chef Redzepi, the whole crew, but for one.  There was one employee who was unable to make the trip due to insufficient paperwork.  And even he was represented – the whole crew wore t-shirts with his name and likeness on them, so even he could have a nominal presence.  This year saw the whole crew trounce onto the stage wearing Viking hats, then share a celebratory nip from a Viking’s horn (wait, did they actually grow horns?)

But that’s not all there is to like about this restaurant full of heart and spirit.     Described as having a fanatical approach to foraging, Noma brings new meaning to the word.  And apparently, though I’ve not had the privilege to learn this first-hand, the preparation and presentation are equally fanatical.  So good on ya, guys!

Sadly, our local shining star fell another few notches, with Thomas Keller’s French Laundry falling out of the top 50 this year, after finishing a disappointing 32 in 2010.  His New York restaurant, Per Se, managed to hold on to spot #10, but I proposed to Super Wife at his Napa location, and as such it holds a special memory for me.  May it regain some of its luster for next year.

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Dave “The Wine Merchant” Chambers

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  1. Zak, I love your comments. They’re alayws so thoughtful!I will agree with you that palates can change relative to your daily diet. People who eat processed sugary foods all of the time tend to think that a piece of fruit is sour, for example. But I think that live ants on food is not as much about taste as it is about novelty. I can image button pins that each survivor of the dish proudly wears as he or she exits the restaurant reading: I ate live ants at Noma Restaurant! lol

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