A Travesty of Justice – Case against wine merchant dismissed

In today’s news comes word of a NY court case that was dismissed out of hand.  Seems the judge didn’t take kindly to the plaintiff’s suit against a wine merchant who sold him wine using Parker’s score (91) and a staff description of the wine.  The plaintiff bought six bottles at $13 a bottle, only to get them home and find they were not to his liking.  

This is a travesty of justice for those of us who would like to preserve the right to legal recourse against art galleries that sell us art that doesn’t quite match the pain on our walls, radio stations that play bad music, and sports teams that lose to teams whose fans, team members and management are known jerks.  

Imagine the legal precedence this sets.  Pretty soon you won’t even be able to sue a taco truck for selling you tacos you don’t like.

What’s America coming to?

Details here

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