Elke, 2007 Donnelley Creek Pinot: …is being coy and toying with me and I think she’s enjoying it!

Great looking bottle. The label reigned me in…

First pour: I like the cloudy, almost opaque ruby color. It reminds me of a 1970 Burgundy I enjoyed last Summer at a pals 40th birthday dinner. Right away, you know this wine has not gone through any filtration process and will probably be loaded with some interesting flavor. This is exciting… Give a few swirls in the glass and I get a nose that gives an intense aroma of mushrooms, cherries & earth. I also feel the 14.2% go deep into my sinuses as the heat packs a punch!

Okay, first sip, here we go…

Profile: initially this juice is wound pretty tight.  She doesn’t want to reveal her inner beauty just yet. She’s being coy and toying with me and I think she is enjoying it. I would be curious to hear how Miles would rate this one so far. There is some bright underlying fruit waiting to be exposed but I could either wait, or break out the Vinturi.

5 minutes later and I break out the Vinturi and she is suddenly loosening her womanly grip and undoing 1 or 2 buttons on her blouse and giving me a little wink. The fruit is softening and revealing some baked cherry pie with good baking spices mixed with a fine dose of acidity.

I let it sit for 5-10 minutes and the sediments have gone down back to the bottom of the glass. Give a few swirls and now this is beginning to evolve and reveal its sexy profile a little better. What I love about this Pinot is this is a true Anderson Valley/Central Coast of Cali Pinot Noir. While the Willamette Valley Pinots of today are the latest rage and yes they are good, this is what Oregon wines won’t ever be according to me…big fruit forward bombs driven with hints of Burgundy land. I find the NorthEast wines still somewhat to be a little tinny and thin and though there are some exceptions, they require a patient Pinot enthusiast to extract what is not so obvious. The rewards with Elke Vineyards are more immediate, decisive and just delicious. In some familiar wise words, “the flavors are haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle”. On a side note, why more Pinots are not unfined and unfiltered is a shame and a mystery to me.

3 hours later… This wine is really nice. Still having all of the above attributes but the cheeks have turned flush and now it is sexy time!

Well done Dave. I’ve enjoyed this drink, as well as writing it up!

Seth Pariser
New York

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[This guest post comes from Seth Pariser, a wine club member, who writes about the Elke Vineyards, 2007 Donnelley Creek Pinot Noir]

2 Replies to “Elke, 2007 Donnelley Creek Pinot: …is being coy and toying with me and I think she’s enjoying it!”

  1. Wow, Seth. If only you had met me and this wine 20 years ago, your review would be X rated. I’ll be pouring this Pinot and one other at Gotham Hall on Broadway in Manhattan next week. If you can stop by, let me know for particulars.

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