Guest Post – Review of “Small Vines, 2011 Pinot Noir, RRV” ($55)

Small Vines Pinot at Dave the Wine MerchantA heady wine with savory aromatics of lavender, wild mushroom, cola and damp earth. Initially, this is a tightly wound Pinot that suggests it is still young, but with time, this is opening up to reveal what this wine maker was trying to produce.

For me, it opens up with dense black cherries on the tongue, but are balanced out nicely by a subtle acidity on the aftertaste. This is a Burgundian styled wine that was not overly earthified (my word). I am very pleased with the crispiness of this small lot production too. When I take a deep whiff, there is a pleasing detection of Asian spices.

The complexity of this wine is also really interesting knowing it comes from the RRV. Based on what I generally know of wines from this low lying region of Sonoma County, I would have expected more opulence with bright raspberry and cranberry notes, but I am finding exotic silky layers of warm fennel and sage.

A beautiful wine that after two hours of oxygen is completely stunning. I would love to try this in another 7-10 years to see how this vintage evolves with bottle age because this is a wine worthy of collecting.

Guest Post by Seth Pariser, New York  (a Pinot Selections club member since 2007)

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