"I ONLY Drink (fill in the blank)!

It’s been said we learn a lot from our kids.  And sometimes we learn from the books we bought specifically to teach THEM something.  For example, when our daughter was young, we did everything possible to raise a strong young woman prepared for today’s challenges. But she was only interested in all things pink and glittery.

Then we stumbled on the book about diversity in choice – Priscilla And The Pink Planet, by Jocelyn Hobbie, about an inquisitive little girl who lives on a planet where pink is the only color allowed, by decree of the Queen. Priscilla dreams of seeing other colors and she applies some very adult psychology to convince the Queen that, while pink is CLEARLY the best color, hiding the other colors might not be in its best interest because

…it’s hard to tell that pink is the best without seeing all the rest.  If all the colors were out for the world to see, pink would look even pinker, don’t you agree?

And of course, once the other colors were out of the proverbial bag, the Pink Planet became a more interesting place.

As With Planets, So With Wine
I was talking with one of our club members recently, who was complaining about receiving a white wine in her club shipment.  “I only drink red”, she haughtily explained, then finished with “Every sophisticated wine drinker knows that white wines are born hoping to grow up to be red.”

And there I was.  Talking with the Queen of Red.

She’s not alone.  The ranks of the Red-only Royalty is burgeoning.  The more extreme sect believes Cabernet to be the only wine worthy of their esteemed gullet.

I understand.  I followed the Cabernet/Red wine infatuation path for years.  But then I travelled to Europe and tasted wines of all colors and styles. Then I came back home and tried the widest variety of Domestic wines I could find.

At first,  these new flavors made me love red wine all the more.  But over time, something funny happened.  I discovered that big red wines over-powered almost everything it was paired with, while the floral, acidic white wines, the blush wines, and the softer reds (especially pinot!) tasted BETTER with food. I was hooked.

And yes, I still love red wines, just not all the time.

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  1. This is a GREAT post, Dave. I totally get it when you talk about red’s tendency to overpower at times…and I’m learning to appreciate the subtlety of white (and even pink). It’s been an evolution. But even still — for every bottle of white that I buy, I still buy three bottles of red, on average, so your recommendations are welcome.

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