Toasts & Quotes: Terry Theise, Thoughts on Wine

“The best wines are those that take you through themselves and out into another world that you could not have gotten to on your own. Great wine has a strange subterranean current of beauty. It is not something you can summon from a wine; but a great wine can take you there.”

~ Terry Theise, wine importer

…”But to love wine, preferences have to remain fluid. You have to be able to respond spontaneously to new stimulus, to absorb new evidence. Each new wine demands open eyes to be individually seen. In Zen there’s a saying: ‘Truth means that all ravens are black, until you see a white raven.’  Wine is, in fact, a lovely means of training ourselves to examine a question from all angles and resist precepts. What we can’t do is establish a single matrix whereby wines are either acceptable or unacceptable. If we do that, we stop not only thinking; we stop experiencing. And that would most certainly defeat the purpose of wine.”

~ Terry Theise, wine importer

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  1. wineham The Hemingway of ValpolicellaIf : wine matters — if it can be said to matter at all — then what we’re looking for is an antidote to oblivion. A bottle’s imposition on memory, its ability to make us think and reflect, is the function that distinguishes it from daily sustenance, from what we call, prosaically, “a drink.” For the most part, the wines I remember vividly haven’t been the best-made or the most expensive

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