Top 100 wineries of 2011 – Nice Kudos!

I am pleased to be the curator of a small, rotating portfolio of boutique wine producers.  And I find the work satisfying with or without any outside source confirming the wisdom of my selections.  Though given my ‘druthers, confirmation is always nice.

So I was pleased to see seven of my recently selected wineries were also among Wine & Spirits Magazine’s “Top 100 Wineries of 2011”.  

Kudos to you all!

  • Adelsheim
  • Anthill Farms
  • Beckmen
  • Calera
  • Elvio Cogno
  • Peay
  • Qupé
Another half dozen of this year’s honorees appear on my list of likely wines for future selections.  But were I to list them here, without putting money on the barrel head to bet on their success with my customers, well then I’d be no better than an armchair wine pontificator.  And Lord knows we have enough of those already. 
Dave “the Wine Merchant” Chambers

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