What is Wine & Cheese Without a Good Cheese Board?

Merch - rainbow of btl cheese brdsI was approached recently by a friend asking me to purchase a cheese board made from a re-purposed wine bottle.  Which lead my sophomoric mind down the path of cheap and easy jokes about how to keep the cheese from rolling away.  Unspoken silliness is a constant source of personal amusement.

But as you can see (Left), the bottles have been heated, flattened, and adorned with appropriate attire.  I’d be thrilled were you to buy one here for the absurdly reasonable price of $20.  Proceeds go to support CFS.

About CFS

The friend who sent me this request is married to a close family friend.  We were thrilled for them when they first met, then married, the two of them being a natural pairing.  They shared a love for active outdoor activities, so vacations were spent kayaking or climbing or hiking or cross-country skiing.  We were never surprised when a postcard arrived from yet another exotic global locale.

That is, until several years ago, when their active lifestyle came to a crashing halt.  She had contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  At its worst, it was all she could do to walk from the couch to the kitchen, a short trip that required an Everest-mounting effort.  It was horrible just to hear about, and I can’t imagine what it is like to live through.  All the more so because of her natural inclination for an active lifestyle.

Wine bottle cheese board - proceeds to CFSWhen she asked if I would support CFS research by purchasing one of these cheese boards, I said “I’ll do better than that – I’ll help get the word out!”.  It’s the perfect stage for highlighting the best cheese at your next wine and cheese tasting.  And it’s the only cheese board I know of that helps seek a cure for such this life-altering disease.

Buy one here, just $20.

Or, Donate to CFS Here

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