Wine Ads vs. Beer Ads

I recently received a response (and a challenge) to an old, forgotten post entitled “Beer Ads Rock!  Wine Ads Whimper“.  The posting’s premise was that there are a handful of beer companies who are able to encapsulate fun into their branding – even succeeding to the degree that people will stop what they’re doing to watch the company’s ads – while wine advertising seems to take itself so seriously as to be an easy mark for parody.

Seems there were several wineries who took umbrage.  Seems I was unaware of a whole cadre of home-spun ads that are submitted for the annual Vinos Wine Festival up in Canada.  I know many Americans are unaware of the almost 100 producers surrounding the inland lake known as the Okanagan, but the ad competition among these neighboring producers seems fierce, even if it’s a totally Canadian friendly sort of fierce.

I was contacted by one such producer – Jennifer Molgat of The View Winery & Vineyard who urged me to familiarize myself with their efforts.  After which, I went to YouTube and watched more of the ads from the competition (search on Vinos 2010 Wine Festival).  See what you think – the production quality is low and affordable, and the acting and writing are home-spun, but most of them do seek to ad some fun to the product, an element that is all too often missing from wine advertising.

I welcome your thoughts and comments please!

Dave the Wine Merchant

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